Firmware Update

  1. ARRI ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2 Firmware Update Released

    ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2 now available to download

    ARRI has just released a firmware update for the ALEXA 35. And as the latest ARRI cinema camera gets onto more film sets and into the hands of more DoPs, the need for improvements arises. SUP 1.2 is a significant update, which adds support for the new ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor and also incorporates feedback received from industry professionals.

  2. Sony FX6 Firmware v4.0 Available to Download

    Sony FX6 firmware update v4.0

    Sony has just released the highly-anticipated firmware update v4.0 for the Sony FX6 full-frame cinema camera. The latest firmware update brings support for 2.0x and 1.33x de-squeeze display function to properly display anamorphic lenses, the expansion of using autofocus while shooting in Slow & Quick Motion, as well as Cine EI Quick and flexible ISO settings to capture the highest dynamic range from the camera.

  3. ARRI release major firmware update SUP 2.0 for cforce mini and cforce plus motors

    news of the week ep348

    SUP 2.0 is a major update for the cforce mini motor. It dramatically improves the time it takes for the motor to respond to inputs from the user, making the lens motors twice as responsive.

  4. ARRI cforce mini SUP 2.0, Zeiss CinCraft Scenario, ALEXA 35 Hands-On Event

    news of the week ep349

    This week we are featuring the new SUP 2.0 firmware update by ARRI for the cforce mini and cforce plus motors, the newly announced Zeiss CinCraft Scenario flexible camera tracking system, and our upcoming special, hands-on ALEXA 35 "Bring Your Own Lenses" week long event.

  5. Sony HXC-FZ90, Laowa Ranger Cine Zooms, AtomOS 10.92

    news of the week ep342

    This week we are featuring the newly announced Sony HXC-FZ90 HD/4K studio camera system, the new Laowa Ranger Cine Zoom lenses, and the latest AtomOS 10.92 firmware update for Ninja V/V+ and Shogun Connect.

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