Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the new SUP 2.0 firmware update by ARRI for the cforce mini and cforce plus motors, the newly announced Zeiss CinCraft Scenario flexible camera tracking system, and our upcoming special, hands-on ALEXA 35 "Bring Your Own Lenses" week long event.

ARRI SUP 2.0 Update for cforce mini and cforce plus motors

ARRI has just released a major firmware update for the cforce mini and cforce plus motors. SUP 2.0 is now available to download for free from ARRI's website and it brings substantial improvements to both the cforce mini and cforce plus lens motors, which are not twice as responsive to inputs from the user making for quicker short focus adjustments. The update applies only to the lens motors themselves and works with any hand unit. Another new feature in SUP 2.0 is Encoder Mode, which allows camera assistants or operators to rotate the axis held by a lens motor manually by hand, while still allowing lens data from custom lens files to be recorded and displayed. It is worth pointing out that this update does not increase the maximum speed of the motors, just the level of response to user input from the hand control unit.

Zeiss CinCraft Scenario Flexible Camera Tracking System

Zeiss has introduced the new CinCraft Scenario flexible camera tracking system. The company recently acquired camera tracking specialists NCAM, and it looks like the first product of their collaboration is to be released in the Fall. The CinCraft Scenario is a unique camera tracking system, which combines hardware and software elements to provide real-time data as to the exact camera position during a shot. Ideal for VFX, Live compositing, and pre-vis work the system is very flexible and can be used both indoors and outdoors, in traditional film sets, as well as green screens and LED volumes. The natural feature tracking allows the system to be used anywhere where there is enough “detail” in the surrounding space, such as brick walls and window frames. This can be quite useful when filming on location or when filming on sets, which were not designed for virtual production.

ALEXA 35 Bring Your Own Lenses Week

And last, but not least, a reminder that we are hosting a special, week long, ALEXA 35 hands-on event in 10 days time. Come along to our Teddington office where you can bring your own lenses and try them on the new ALEXA 35, whether they be vintage, spherical or anamorphic. We are hosting the week long event from Monday, 14th August to Friday 18th, with multiple time slots throughout each day. During the event you will have your own 1-to-1 slot with our specialist who will give you a tour of the camera and answer any questions you may have as well as potentially have other lenses for you to try. To reserve your place and time slot simply click the link in the desciption below.

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