Welcome to our NAB Special Part II

This week we have the highly-anticipated successors to the DJI RS3 gimbal stabilisers, a stunning quantum dot OLED monitor for HDR color grading from SmallHD, and a new 27x broadcast zoom lens from Canon.

DJI Ronin RS4 and DJI RS4 Pro Handheld Gimbal Stabilisers

DJI recently unveiled the new Ronin RS4 and RS4 Pro stabilisers ushering the next era of pro camera stabilisation for the masses. Now featuring 2nd generation native vertical shooting both models make it even easier for creators to quickly shoot vertical videos, while the improved axis locks won't slow you down when making adjustments. The RS4 also brings Zoom control directly via the joystick, while the new stabilization algorithm provides an even smoother shooting experience. The new high-capacity battery grip gives you more runtime, while and the RS4 Pro brings a 20% increase in motors torque, and support for heavier camera rigs up to 4.5kg. The Pro model enables seamless integration with the DJI Pro ecosystem such as support for 2 DJI Focus Pro motors further expanding the cinematic possibilities of your production. Autofocus with manual lenses is now possible thanks to the new DJI Focus Pro, leveraging the power of advanced AI algorithms to provide exceptional focus capabilities and more accurate focus tracking.

SmallHD Quantum 32 HDR Reference Monitor

SmallHD announced Quantum 32 – a true 10bit 4K 31.5” OLED reference monitor aimed at colorists, DoPs and DITs and meant to be used in grading suites, post-production and on-set monitoring. The Quantum 32 displays HDR and SDR images using Quantum Dot OLED technology, offering unprecedented luminance, colour fidelity and a wide viewing angle all wrapped in a durable, but lightweight chassis. The advanced PageOS brings new features such as Simplified Color User Interface, new rotary control knobs for improved tactile adjustment, Multi-View for different inputs, color pipes, 3D LUTS and more.

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Canon CJ27ex 4K ENG Lens

Canon also launched a new CJ27 broadcast ENG lens for 2/3-inch camera systems offering an impressive 27x optical zoom alongside a brand new e-Xs V drive unit developed based on feedback from industry professionals. The new lens is UHDxs rated according to Canon making it top of class for high resolution broadcast acquisition, giving users a massive focal range from 7.3mm to 197mm, something usually only available on box lenses. The CJ27 also features a built-in 2x extender, increasing its reach to 394mm, while the portable form factor makes handheld capture much easier.

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