Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are bringing you new accessories for the Sony BURANO from MID49, new BURANO tutorials by Alister Chapman, and the most popular cameras used to film the Sundance 2024 documentaries.

Sony BURANO Accessories by MID49

As an official dealer for MID49 accessories, we can now offer all their latest Sony BURANO accessories, which currently include an EVF Pivot Adapter, a Top Plate with plenty of accessory ports in addition to a Base and Mid kit among others. Find out more details about the MID49 BURANO accessories as well as dedicated accessories from other major manufacturers in our new Curated Collection of Burano Accessories via the link below.

Sony BURANO Tutorials with Alister Chapman

Sony released a series of tutorials for the BURANO presented by Alister Chapman. The short videos include an overview of the various menu options, the few ways you can setup the LCD monitor/EVF depending on your shooting style, plus the different sensor scan modes, resolutions and frame rates available. The BURANO is landing with us shortly and we are working on some exciting hands-on events, so keep an eye out on our upcoming events page and signup for our newsletter to be the first to know when and where.

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The cameras of Sundance Film Festival 2024

It's no surprise that the Sony FX6, FX9, and C300 Mark II were the most popular cameras used on this year's Sundance documentary selections. These cameras have been around for a while and have proven themselves as workhorses for quick run-and-gun work with excellent ergonomics, solid 10bit codecs and excellent 4K imaging capabilities. For a full list of all cameras and lenses used on these documentaries, check out the IndieWire article linked in the description below.

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