1. ARRI cforce mini SUP 2.0, Zeiss CinCraft Scenario, ALEXA 35 Hands-On Event

    news of the week ep349

    This week we are featuring the new SUP 2.0 firmware update by ARRI for the cforce mini and cforce plus motors, the newly announced Zeiss CinCraft Scenario flexible camera tracking system, and our upcoming special, hands-on ALEXA 35 "Bring Your Own Lenses" week long event.

  2. Zeiss NCAM, SmallHD, AtomX CAST Desktop App

    news of the week ep347

    This week we are featuring the recent announcement from Zeiss, who acquired UK-based camera tracking specialists NCAM Technologies, the new Calman calibration and SmallHD partnership, and the newly released AtomX Cast desktop app from Atomos.

  3. ZEISS CinCraft Mapper, Bright Tangerine KASBAH, Great Joy Anamorphic

    news of the week ep285

    This week we are featuring CinCraft Mapper from ZEISS - A new lens data service for efficient VFX workflows, Bright Tangerine's new KASBAH Shoulder Support System and the new anamorphic 50mm T2.9 lens from budget cine-lens maker Great Joy.

  4. ARRI TRINITY 2 & ARTEMIS 2, Zeiss ultra-wide Supreme, Vocas for VENICE 2

    news of the week ep280

    This week we are featuring ARRI's announcement of their next generation camera stabilizer systems - the TRINITY 2 and ARTEMIS 2. Zeiss's addition of an ultra-wide lens to their Supreme line of cine lenses and new accessories for the Sony VENICE 2 from Vocas.

  5. Top 5 Product Releases of 2021

    news of the week ep266

    2021 is coming to a close and in this episode we recap the past year by giving you our Top 5 Product Releases for 2021!

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