cforce plus

  1. ARRI release major firmware update SUP 2.0 for cforce mini and cforce plus motors

    news of the week ep348

    SUP 2.0 is a major update for the cforce mini motor. It dramatically improves the time it takes for the motor to respond to inputs from the user, making the lens motors twice as responsive.

  2. ARRI cforce mini SUP 2.0, Zeiss CinCraft Scenario, ALEXA 35 Hands-On Event

    news of the week ep349

    This week we are featuring the new SUP 2.0 firmware update by ARRI for the cforce mini and cforce plus motors, the newly announced Zeiss CinCraft Scenario flexible camera tracking system, and our upcoming special, hands-on ALEXA 35 "Bring Your Own Lenses" week long event.

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