Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the recent announcement from Zeiss, who acquired UK-based camera tracking specialists NCAM Technologies, the new Calman calibration and SmallHD partnership, and the newly released AtomX Cast desktop app from Atomos.

Zeiss acquires UK-based NCAM Technologies

Industry leading lens maker Zeiss has announced the company has acquires UK-based NCAM Technologies. NCAM is a pioneer in camera tracking technology and according to Zeiss NCAM's tracking tech perfectly complements the current ZEISS cinema lineup including the Supreme Primes and Supreme Radiance, Cinema Zooms and CP.3 Primes as well as recently introduced CinCraft lens data ecosystem. Ncam’s award-winning hybrid camera tracking technology makes it possible to spatially track the camera movement throughout the shot using different tracking methods. The acquired tracking data is essential for virtual production and live compositing and Zeiss are planning on announcing the first product from this collaboration later in the Summer aiming to deliver outstanding, easy to use tracking and VFX solutions for cinema production workflows.

Creators of Calman calibration partner with SmallHD

And speaking of partnerships, Portrait Displays has announced they are partnering up with SmallHD to introduce the first Calman Ready reference monitors for DITs and on-set technicians. Calman's calibration software provides exceptional colour accuracy and the new partnership promises to make on-set monitor calibration as quick and efficient as possible, without compromising colour integrity. SmallHD’s PageOS 5 operating system integrates seamlessly with Calman allowing the calibration to be scaled across various monitor modes in both SDR and HDR. The Calman Ready workflow is geared towards eliminating common mistakes such as displaying limited-range vs full-range sources as well as incorrect patch size and LUT bit depth settings.

New AtomX Cast desktop app for Mac and PC

Atomos has released a new AtomX Cast desktop app providing a new control panel interface for the Ninja Cast when used with the Ninja V+ and Ninja V equipped with the latest firmware update. Compatible with both Macs and PC giving users a lot more work space and access to extended functionality. Atomos say their new app mirrors all of the CAST’s functions in the app and all settings and changes in the app apply to the Ninja Cast instantly. Atomos are utilising the power of AI technology to automatically compare camera inputs and then create the correct LUTs to apply to each input and ensure they match.

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