Sony has just released the highly-anticipated firmware update v4.0 for the Sony FX6 full-frame cinema camera. The latest firmware update brings support for 2.0x and 1.33x de-squeeze display function to properly display anamorphic lenses, the expansion of using autofocus while shooting in Slow & Quick Motion, as well as Cine EI Quick and flexible ISO settings to capture the highest dynamic range from the camera.

In addition, Sony has also made it simpler to name the clip and provide an ID for the camera thus improving your file organisation for post-production.

Sony FX6 Firmware Update version 4.0

New Features in Firmware v4.0 include:

  • Support for video file names in the Camera ID + Reel# format
  • Anamorphic lens support - adds de-squeeze (2.0x, 1.3x) in the viewfinder and HDMI output
  • Additional Auto-focus frame rates during Slow & Quick Motion
  • Adds support for Flexible ISO and Cine EI Quick in shooting mode:
    • Allows you to record S-Log3 content with exposure settings by adjusting the ISO sensitivity
    • Allows you to record at a base ISO setting the same as Cine EI, with the base ISO adjusted automatically in conjunction with EI value
  • When the shooting mode is set to Flexible ISOCine EI, or Cine EI Quick, adds support for recording a 3D LUT file to the same memory card with the base look used during shooting as the shooting data, at the same time.

Sony FX6 Masterclass with Alister Chapman:

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