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  1. ALEXA 35 and Sony Cinema Camera Updates, Premiere Pro Audio Improvements

    news of the week ep373

    This week we are bringing you the latest ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2.1 and CCM-1 SUP 5.5.2 updates, more future updates coming to the Sony FX6, FX3, and FX30, and last, but not least, the new and improved beta audio workflow in Premiere Pro.

  2. Sony to preview upcoming firmware updates for VENICE2, FX6, FX3, and FX30 at BSC 2024

    Sony FX6, FX3. and FX30 firmware updates announced

    Ahead of BSC Expo 2024, Sony has announced upcoming firmware updates for some of the most popular cameras in their Cinema Line including the FX6, FX3, and FX30. At BSC 2024, Sony is also bringing their newest addition to the Cinema Lineup - the BURANO, as well as previewing the upcoming VENICE 2 firmware update v3.0. At BSC, visitors will also have the opportunity to preview early prototype firmware versions of the upcoming updates to the aforementioned FX3, FX30, and FX6 cameras.

  3. ARRI Alexa 35 SUP 1.2, Sony FX6 Firmware Update v4.0, Laowa 24mm T8 2X Macro Pro2be

    news of the week ep352

    This week we are featuring the new ALEXA 35 SUP 1.2 update bringing support for the CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor and a host of exciting new features, the latest firmware update v4.0 for the Sony FX6, as well as the newly announced Laowa 24mm T8 2x Macro Pro2be lens.

  4. Sony FX6 Firmware v4.0 Available to Download

    Sony FX6 firmware update v4.0

    Sony has just released the highly-anticipated firmware update v4.0 for the Sony FX6 full-frame cinema camera. The latest firmware update brings support for 2.0x and 1.33x de-squeeze display function to properly display anamorphic lenses, the expansion of using autofocus while shooting in Slow & Quick Motion, as well as Cine EI Quick and flexible ISO settings to capture the highest dynamic range from the camera.

  5. Aputure CS15 and XT26, Sony FX6/VENICE 2 Firmware, Irix 65mm

    news of the week ep341

    This week we are featuring the new high-output Electro Storm Series LED lights from Aputure, the new upcoming firmware updates for the Sony FX6 and VENICE 2 coming this summer, and the new Irix 65mm T1.5 cine lens.

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