1. Sony VENICE 2 Upcoming Firmware Update, Nanlite PavoSlim LED, Final Cut Pro 10.7 Update

    news of the week ep364

    This week we are covering the upcoming firmware update v3.0 for the Sony VENICE 2, the latest Nanlite PavoSlim LED Panels, and the upcoming major firmware update to Final Cut Pro 10.

  2. Aputure CS15 and XT26, Sony FX6/VENICE 2 Firmware, Irix 65mm

    news of the week ep341

    This week we are featuring the new high-output Electro Storm Series LED lights from Aputure, the new upcoming firmware updates for the Sony FX6 and VENICE 2 coming this summer, and the new Irix 65mm T1.5 cine lens.

  3. ARRI ZMU-4, Sony VENICE 2 8K Test Files, Adobe Firefly

    news of the week ep336

    This week we are featuring the latest ZMU-4 zoom controller from ARRI, new 8K test files shot on the Sony VENICE 2, and the new Adobe Firefly AI-based assist tools for creators.

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