Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are covering the upcoming firmware update v3.0 for the Sony VENICE 2, the latest Nanlite PavoSlim LED Panels, and the upcoming major firmware update to Final Cut Pro 10.

Sony VENICE 2 Upcoming Firmware Update

Fresh from CamerImage Sony previewed the latest firmware update coming to their flagship cinema camera. The Sony VENICE 2 Firmware Version 3.0. Set for release early next year, v3.0 will add a new In-Camera vfx feature on the VENICE 2 that is said to improve colour fidelity for work with LED volumes or mixed lighting, new "Saturation" and "Skin Detail" adjustment options in the Paint menu and other improvements for live productions such as 3D LUT selection, WB and Shutter adjustments with RCP paint control on. A new 33.3 fps frame rate options will also be added in addition to a new 90fps slow motion options when shooting with 2x anamorphic lenses.

Nanlite PavoSlim LED Panels

Nanlite has officially announced their new PavoSlim Bi-Colour and RGB Panel LED lights. Available in two form-factors a 1x1 for and a 2x1, the PavoSlim 60 and 120 LED panels are also available as bi-colour or full RGB models for even greater creative control. Less than 2 cm thick, but rugged and quick to deploy, the PavoSlim LEDs feature a solid metal housing for efficient heat dissipation and their compact footprint makes them a great option for lightweight overhead lighting and for filming in confined spaces. Power options include V-mount or AC as well as NP-F for the smaller 60 model, and when it comes to control options those include on-board as well as wired DMX/RDM in addition to bluetooth via the Nanlink App.

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Final Cut Pro 10.7 Update

A new update is coming to Final Cut Pro later this month bringing substantial improvements to your editing workflow. New features in FCP 10.7 include automatic timeline scrolling as well as dynamic timeline adjustment during playback via the zoom tool or keyboard shortcuts. The new update allows editors to organise assets better by assigning roles and also work more efficiently by being able to quickly clean up complex sections of the timeline. H.264 and HEVC exports will see a significant speed boost thanks to further optimisations for the latest Apple Silicon chips. Those also include improved object tracker to analyze face movements and other objects.

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