Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the latest ZMU-4 zoom controller from ARRI, new 8K test files shot on the Sony VENICE 2, and the new Adobe Firefly AI-based assist tools for creators.


ARRI has introduced their fourth generation zoom controller called the ZMU-4. Now offering LBUS connectivity, camera control for both ARRI and third party cameras, the new ARRI ZMU-4 Zoom Control offers robust wireless connectivity packed into an ergonomic and weather-sealed design. Designed with flexibility and precise adjustment in mind, the ZMU-4 uses the same battery as the Hi-5, which provides more than 15 hours of continuous operation on set. Compatibility with the latest ECS radio module such as the RF-EMIP, RF2400 and upcoming RF900 ensures stable and hassle free wireless operation even at longer distances, while expandability options include support for LBUS controllers such as the OCU-1 and Master Grips. The zoom controller offers unprecedented precision as well as extensive customisation including adjusting the speed and sensitivity of the motor.

Sony VENICE 2 8K Test Files

Sony has released a series of 8K test footage from the VENICE 2 shot in Sony’s X-OCN compressed raw codec. The series of short clips were shot using various sensor and scan modes including full-frame 3:2 and 17:9 Spherical and Anamorphic in different lighting scenarios including high contrast, low-light and other challenging situations. The test footage includes various compressions including X-OCN LT, ST and XT, in addition to 4K ProRes 4444 including Cooke/i lens metadata whenever possible. Sony X-OCN files are currently supported by major NLEs such as Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve 18.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe has introduced a new set of AI-based assist tools for creators called Firefly. Based around Adobe Sensei, Adobe Firefly is currently undergoing beta testing with a target of becoming a part of Adobe’s main video, effects and motion graphics apps in the near future. Firefly aims to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the editing workflow by allowing users to generate lifelike images from text based prompts and even background music tracks from simple descriptive phrases. The incredible power AI and machine learning as shown in the demo video is set not only completely transform the creative process but also open up new ways to create immersive content.

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