Ahead of BSC Expo 2024, Sony has announced upcoming firmware updates for some of the most popular cameras in their Cinema Line including the FX6, FX3, and FX30. At BSC 2024, Sony is also bringing their newest addition to the Cinema Lineup - the BURANO, as well as previewing the upcoming VENICE 2 firmware update v3.0. At BSC, visitors will also have the opportunity to preview early prototype firmware versions of the upcoming updates to the aforementioned FX3, FX30, and FX6 cameras.

We'll be at BSC meeting clients, so if you're see us somewhere on the show floor, don't be shy and say hello.

Upcoming Sony FX6, FX3, FX30 firmware updates

You can see the details Sony have already shared below, however you need to be patient as these are planned for May 2024 and later.

Sony FX6 Firmware v5.0

  • The addition of a 1.5x de-squeeze function
  • Monitor and Control feature (ex. Waveform, False colour such as FX3/30 already supported)
  • A new preset: 709tone support to colour match multiple cameras
  • Breathing compensation support for select Sony zooms such as Sony FE 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 GM OSS (SEL100400GM) and Sony FE 200-600mm f5.6-6.3 G OSS (SEL200600G), for breathing compensation

Later in September 2024, Sony is planning on adding the following functionality to the FX3 and FX30. And yes, the new 709tone support is also coming to the FX3 and FX30.

Upcoming Firmware Updates for the FX3 and FX30

  • Shutter Angle
  • 709tone support
  • SRT/RTMP/RTMPS support for Live streaming demand

Upcoming firmware updates for Sony VENICE2, FX6, FX3, and FX30.

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