Convergent Design Apollo

  1. Convergent Design Release Major Firmware Update v2016.10 with Titan HD Extract, Varicam LT Raw Support and More

    The latest firmware release v2016.10 from Convergent Design is a pretty big deal for Apollo and Odyssey7Q+ users. Announced just yesterday, firmware v2016.10 enables support for the new Titan HD Extract option, Varicam LT Raw support is also added to Odyssey Raw Bundle, ARRIRAW 4:3 is also support, and finally ProRes proxy makes an appearance too.

  2. Convergent Design Release a Massive Firmware Update v2016.6 for Odyssey7Q, 7Q+ and Apollo

    Firmware version v2016.6 adds the whopping 23 new features to the Odyssey7Q+/7Q and Apollo recorders and is also free for all owners of these recorders. The addition of Sony FS5 4K RAW to the Odyssey Raw Bundle (for the Odyssey7Q and 7Q+) is one of those major new features.

  3. Convergent Design Continues Discounted Pricing on Odyssey7Q+ and Partners up with Samsung for Super Reliable SSD media

    Convergent Design announced they are continuing indefinitely the discounted pricing on their Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo at £1400 + VAT and and £2300 + VAT respectively. This is great news for freelancers and production companies looking to spice up their 4K and Full HD workflow especially if working in a multi-camera environment.

  4. Convergent Design Slash Price on Apollo Portable HD Multi-recorder/monitor

    Convergent Design just announced some really exciting discounts for their latest Apollo multir-recorder/monitor, which now includes a free 256GB solid state drive and a new low price for the month of April. The company also announced they are extending the current Odyssey7Q+ promotional pricing of £1400 + a free 256GB SSD.

  5. Convergent Design SSDs for Odyssey7Q+ and Apollo Now with a 10 Year Warranty!

    Convergent Design announced that their Solid State Drives in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities for their popular 4K Raw recorder/monitor Odyssey7Q+ and their portable video switcher Apollo are now guaranteed for 10 years. This is particularly exciting for video professionals as now they can rest assured their Odyssye7Q+s and Apollos are even more bulletproof than ever before.

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