Convergent Design announced that as of this week their Solid State Drives in 256GB, 512GB and 1TB capacities for their popular 4K Raw recorder/monitor Odyssey7Q+ and their portable video switcher Apollo are now guaranteed for 10 years. This is particularly exciting for video professionals as now they can rest assured their Odyssye7Q+s and Apollos are even more bulletproof than ever before. CD-SSD-Warranty The extended warranty applies users who are yet to purchase their Apollo's or Odyssey's, or for those who already have these units but want to purchase new SSDs for their recorder/monitors.
“The level of performance and reliability of our SSDs is unmatched in the industry,” said Mike Schell, President, Convergent Design. “When we first began development of the Odyssey line, we had to go directly to the SSD manufacturers to have drives built to our specifications. There was nothing on the market that met our performance demands. These SSDs have performed remarkably well over the years, and we have found that they continue to so well beyond what we had originally hoped. Other manufacturers have also introduced products that meet our requirements, so we can now expand how we source our SSDs and allow us to extend our warranty.”
We caught up with Amber from Convergent Design at BVE 2016 and got introduced to their latest Apollo portable video switcher/recorder. Check out video below: convergent-design-apollo recorder switcher Convergent Design SSDs (Certified for use with the Convergent Design Odyssey and Apollo monitor/recorders) offer a variety of qualities, detailed in the Convergent Design White Paper “Why to Trust Your Footage to Convergent Design Odyssey SSDs.” Features such as fast & consistent read & write speeds, both across the entire memory and across the lifespan of the SSDs, exceptionally long-life usability of the media, built-in power-loss protection, low power draw and robust reliability of construction are the hallmarks of the Odyssey SSD design. To get your Apollo and/or Odyssey7Q+ and SSDs head over to our Convergent Design page on our website here.