Firmware version v2016.6 adds the whopping 23 new features to the Odyssey7Q+/7Q and Apollo recorders and is also free for all owners of these recorders. The addition of Sony FS5 4K RAW to the Odyssey Raw Bundle (for the Odyssey7Q and 7Q+) is one of those major new features. Convergent Design have certainly been doing a phenomenal job with constantly updating their Raw and multi-video recorders in the past months since release and the latest firmware v2016.6 is their biggest one yet! sony fs5k lens Sony FS5 owners rejoice as now you can record stunning 4K CinemaDNG Raw and 2K raw up to 240fps continuous on your Odyssey7Q and/or 7Q+ 4K Raw recorder. A quick note: you have to already have purchased the Sony 4K license, which you can buy here for around £400 + VAT. The Sony FS5 4K license is a physical update license - which means you'll get a key mailed to you, which you then use to generate a unique code for your camera to upgrade it to record Raw. The good news is that you can perform the upgrade in your home or office, you don't have to send the camera to us or to Sony, thus saving you plenty of time you can spend shooting. Odyssey Featured Some of the new features, fixes and improvements, were announced at NAB 2016, but most are announced for the first time with this announcement. Due to the huge number of new features of the extensive firmware update, Convergent Design have prepared 2 hugely informative overview and tutorial videos to walk you through the new features in v2016.6. You can see them embedded in this article below. You can download Firmware Update v2016.6 for free from CD's website here. Firmware v2016.6 New Features (Odyssey7Q/7Q+ and Apollo)
  • Apollo Master Recording
With this new feature users can mix cameras with different signal latency and keep both audio and video in sync. You can also mix cameras from different manufacturers and with different signal processing and compensate for their delays in outputting signals.
  • 3:2 Pulldown Removal
Mix Full HD 3:2 Pulldown video cameras with 24p cameras. Mix cameras that output 24p as 1080i60 with embedded 3:2 pulldown and cameras that output 1080p24, all on the fly with matching timecode.
  • Live Switching Dissolves
This new feature allows for 3 speeds of dissolves available in live switching. A shortcut button allows alternating between cuts and dissolves for a more professional live edit.
  • 8 Channel Audio recording
Eight tracks of audio for each SDI video input. Apollo Dual-4K offers up to 16 total audio tracks and Apollo Quad-HD offers up to 32 audio tracks. (All Odyssey models and Apollo)
  • New version v2.4 of Convergent's Apple ProRes Transfer Tool Software
To learn more about the new features in the latest firmware update check out the overview and tutorial videos below: For more information and/or to get your Odyssey7Q+ or Apollo recorder head over to our website here or give us a call on 0208 977 1222.