Varicam LT Raw

  1. Convergent Design Release Major Firmware Update v2016.10 with Titan HD Extract, Varicam LT Raw Support and More

    The latest firmware release v2016.10 from Convergent Design is a pretty big deal for Apollo and Odyssey7Q+ users. Announced just yesterday, firmware v2016.10 enables support for the new Titan HD Extract option, Varicam LT Raw support is also added to Odyssey Raw Bundle, ARRIRAW 4:3 is also support, and finally ProRes proxy makes an appearance too.

  2. Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ Raw Recorder to Support Varicam LT Raw Format

    Earlier today, Convergent Design announced their flagship Odyssey7Q+ 4K RAW Recorder will support the Raw output on the new Panasonic Varicam LT. This is great news for cinematographers and productions requiring the highest level of digital cinema imagery for VFX and heavy colour grading work. The Varicam LT Raw will be included in the Odyssey7Q+ Raw bundle available to purchase directly from Convergent Design. Here at Visual Impact we can supply the Odyssey7Q+ 4K Raw Recorder, required media and accessories.

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