Firmware Update

  1. Massive Convergent Design Firmware Update for the Odyssey7Q+ Brings 3D LUT Support & Much More

    Convergent Design constantly works to add more features and functionality to the Odyssey family of professional monitor/recorders. This release includes new features & functionality and adds more power, performance and versatility to the Odyssey7Q+, Odyssey7Q and Odyssey7.

  2. Sony PMW-F55/F5 Firmware Version V6.0 Adds Apple ProRes 4444

    Sony continue to improve and enhance their PMW-F5/F55 cameras by adding feature rich firmware updates, this time around in the latest firmware update version 6.0 implementing ProRes HD 4444 with the optional CBK-55PD installed, among other features.

  3. Blackmagic Design Released Firmware Update 2.4 For Their Production Camera 4K

    Earlier today, Blackmagic Design released their latest firmware update 2.4, which mostly affects the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K, by adding frame guides (already present on the Cinema camera and Pocket) in addition to an update install camera utility, and the much awaited Dashboard bypass.

  4. Odyssey7Q Firmware Roadmap by Convergent Design

    Convergent Design have been manufacturing external recorders for some time and are known for their durability and extensive features giving digital cinematographers and camera professionals the requisite tools to get the maximum image quality of their cameras.
  5. Canon Announces Free Firmware Updates for XF200 and XF205 Professional Camcorders

    The Canon XF line of cameras have a long standing tradition in the broadcast world. Starting with the XF305, which has been widely popular with major broadcasters like the BBC, the smaller XF105 also let documentary filmmakers, news gathering professionals and everyone in between get a solid camera in a small package. With the more recent release of the XF200 and XF205, Canon are continuing the XF line legacy and have just announced a free firmware update for the XF200/205 which will make them even more desireable for documentaries, ENG work, events and loads more.

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