Firmware Update

  1. Sony A7R II Firmware Version 2.0 Adds Uncompressed 14bit Raw for Stills

    Sony just released firmware update 2.0 for their A7RII flagship full-frame mirrorless camera, which adds the long-awaited and demanded 14-bit uncompressed Raw still capture.

  2. Video Devices PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H Portable Recorders Get 3D LUTs in Latest Firmware Update

    With both PIX-E5 and the PIX-E5H 4K recorder now shipping, the company has just released the next firware update version 1.05 for the 4K recorders enabling 3D LUT support among other features, that are surely to prove very useful to DoP's in the field.

  3. Sony Firmware Version 7.0 For PMW-F5/F55 Details Revealed

    Ever since they were announced more than three years ago, the PMW F5 and F55 CineAlta cameras have gone from strength to strength. Sony have been adding new features and functionality throughout the years via firmware updates and earlier today Sony shared the details of their latest update. The new firmware version 7.0 will be released in January 2016 and add on BT.Rec 2020 support for F5/F55 and simultaneous MPEG2 HD 422 recording in HD while recording 4K XAVC in SxS Pro+ cards internally.

  4. Video Devices PIX-E5H HDMI 4K Recorder Now Shipping Plus Firmware 1.04 Update

    Video Devices announced a brand new line of 4K ProRes recorders at NAB 2015 back in April and have been working hard since to get the three units out to market and into the hands of eager video professionals. The company just announced their HDMI based PIX-E5H 4K recorder is now shipping.

  5. Convergent Design Releases Odyssey7Q+ Firmware 2015.8 With High Speed ProRes Recording & Vectorscope

    Just a few minutes ago, Convergent Design announced the release of High Speed Apple ProRes recording directly in Apple ProRes in 4K/UHD up to 60p and in HD up to an amazing 240p to their flagship Odysse7Q+ 4K recorder/monitor. At the moment, no other device can record HD Apple ProRes at 240 frames per second – no camera, no standalone recorder, no computer capture card.

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