Firmware Update

  1. Panasonic Varicam 35 Firmware 5.0 Adds New Codecs

    Panasonic continues to update their flagship 4K camera - the mighty Panasonic Varicam 35 by enhancing frame rate and codec options in latest firmware version 5.0. New codec options such as AVC-Intra 422 and AVC-Intra100 60i/50i formats are just some of the improvements in the latest firmware update.

  2. Panasonic DVX200 Firmware 1.40 Adds Wireless Remote Control App and Other Improvements

    Panasonic DVX200 is quite the unique camcorder. It features a 4/3 type 4K CMOS large sensor and a fantastic 13x zoom fixed Leica Dicomar lens all into a familiar handheld camcorder design. Just earlier today, Panasonic release the latest firmware 1.40 for the camera which adds support for a wireless remote control via an iPad app as well as other improvements.

  3. Sony A7R II / A7S II Firmware 3.0 Fixes 4K Overheating Issues

    The flagship Sony A7R II and A7S II cameras are significant achievements for Sony in terms of technical prowess, but upon release some cameras of this range had some issues with overheating when recording in 4K internally for extended periods of time, but now Sony has issues a firmware update to remedy this phenomenon.

  4. Sony FS5 Firmware Update 1.10 Allows Simultaneous 4K Internal and External Recording

    Version 1.1 allows simultaneous QFHD internal recording and QFHD output to an external unit that serves as the monitoring device. A new menu item (“QFHD REC OUTPUT”) in the recording menu permits switching between simultaneous QFHD internal/external recording, with loss of VF and LCD operation and internal recording.

  5. Convergent Design Updates The Odyssey7Q+ to Record ProRes 4444 XQ in Firmware 2015.11

    Colorado based Convergent Design just upgraded their powerful 4K recorders Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ with some impressive new features and recording functionality including the highest quality ProRes 4444 XQ.