4K Recorder

  1. Atomos Releases AtomOS Version 6.51 Adds Power Priority Mode & Bug Fixes

    A few weeks ago, Atomos quietly released AtomOS 6.51 firmware update, which adds Power Priority mode to the Atomos Shogun as to maximise battery performance when using the Atomos Power Station to power the camera and as back up for the device.

  2. Convergent Design Updates The Odyssey7Q+ to Record ProRes 4444 XQ in Firmware 2015.11

    Colorado based Convergent Design just upgraded their powerful 4K recorders Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ with some impressive new features and recording functionality including the highest quality ProRes 4444 XQ.

  3. Convergent Design Announces Apollo: A Portable Multicamera HD Recorder/Switcher

    Convergent Design, makers of the popular Odyssey7Q and 7Q+ 4K recorder/monitors just announced Apollo, the industry’s first truly portable HD multi-camera recorder/switcher.

  4. Video Devices PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H Portable Recorders Get 3D LUTs in Latest Firmware Update

    With both PIX-E5 and the PIX-E5H 4K recorder now shipping, the company has just released the next firware update version 1.05 for the 4K recorders enabling 3D LUT support among other features, that are surely to prove very useful to DoP's in the field.

  5. Video Devices PIX-E5H HDMI 4K Recorder Now Shipping Plus Firmware 1.04 Update

    Video Devices announced a brand new line of 4K ProRes recorders at NAB 2015 back in April and have been working hard since to get the three units out to market and into the hands of eager video professionals. The company just announced their HDMI based PIX-E5H 4K recorder is now shipping.

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