4K camera

  1. Canon EOS C700 Overview and Behind The Scenes

    Canon's Technical Advisor Brent Ramsey walks you through the main features and what makes the new flagship Canon EOS C700 stand out from the crowd in this informative overview video, plus you can check out the latest promo shot on the C700 with behind the scenes footage.

  2. Sony a6500 Sample Footage Shows Off 5-Axis Built-in Image Stabilisation

    The latest released Sony a6500 footage shows the camera's impressive slow-motion recording and 5-axis built-in stabilisation. There have also been reports of the camera actually shipping in Europe and the States to some early pre-orders. This is good news for those hoping to get the new a6500 under the Christmas tree this year.

  3. Canon C700 Shoots a Stunning Aston Martin Advert

    Canon shows off first official footage from the Canon C700, that was recently used to shoot a stunning Aston Martin commercial. The new Canon EOS C700 is the latest 4K flagship camera from Canon that made a huge splash at IBC 2016 where it was unveiled for the first time.

  4. DJI Announce their Most Compact and Smartest 4K Drone - the MAVIC Pro

    DJI just announced their most compact and smartest 4K drone to date - the Mavic Pro is so tiny that it can easily fit in a small backpack or even a handbag. The latest personal flying camera from DJI, as the manufacturer prefers to refer to its latest creation, is packed with innovation and the latest drone technology available on the market.

  5. Fujifilm Adds 4K Video, LOG and AutoFocus to their Mirrorless Line-up with the new X-T2

    The mirrorless camera market has been booming in the last couple of years, and it has been a market largely dominated by 4K video enabled cameras from the likes of Sony and Panasonic with their GH4, GX80, and Sony A7rII or A7sII. Fuji has been a long time favourite amongst photographers, but their cameras have been lacking exciting video features; that is until now - the new X-T2 has just been announced and it brings a lot of exciting video features.

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