Firmware Update

  1. Panasonic Varicam 35 & HS Firmware 4.0 Adds Support for CODEX Raw Recorder and Apple ProRes 4444

    Panasonic just released the latest firmware update 4.0 for the Varicam 35 and HS models. The firmware update is free, and it adds support for the Codex Raw recorder on the Varicam 35, support for anamorphic shooting and image flip on the sub-recorder (the Varicam features a dual recording system).

  2. Odyssey7Q+ Firmware 2015.7 Released Featuring More Anamorphic De-Squeeze Options & LUT Support Plus Much More

    Convergent Design, who recently announced they are expanding third party SSD support for use in their Odyssey7/Q/7Q+ family 4K recorder/monitors, also recently released a new firmware update (2015.7), which added some new functionality and enabled third party support for certain models Samsung SSD drives.

  3. Sony PXW-FS7 Firmware 2.10 Officially Released

    Sony just released the latest firmware for their PXW-FS7 camera, which fixed some bugs and improves on a few features. See details of what's included in the latest firmware below.

  4. Atomos Shogun Firmware 6.4 Update Adds Pre-Roll, Timelapse, FS700/FS7 Raw to 4K ProRes And Much More

    Since the Shogun launched in late 2014, Atomos has constantly kept users updated with free features, adding significant value to the already affordable all-in-one 4K/HD monitor-recorder. The AtomOS6.4 released today adds some of the most anticipated features for users to date.

  5. New Metabones EF to Sony E-Mount Smart Adapter IV Firmware Upgrade Fixes Flicker Issues with PXW-FS7

    The latest firmware update for the Smart Adapter EF to E Mark IV from Metabones address those issues, and is a welcomed improvement for all those FS7 shooters out there using Canon EF lenses with their 4K Sony XDCAM camera.

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