Firmware Update

  1. Upgrade Your Atomos Samurai and Ninja Blade to HDR with AtomOS 5.2

    Just like the Atomos and Shogun recently, Atomos has just released another free firmware update which gives HDR capabilities to their beloved 1080p ProRes recorder/monitors the Samurai Blade and Ninja Blade.

  2. HDR Your Atomos Shogun or Ninja Assassin for FREE with AtomOS 6.6

    Atomos just released the latest firmware update AtomOS 6.6 for existing Shogun and Ninja Assassin owners, giving them the chance to get HDR onto their monitoring devices. In addition, Atomos also released a beta-version of CinemaDNG Raw firmware update for Sony FS cameras for the Shogun only.

  3. SUP 4.1 Available for ARRI Alexa MINI and AMIRA Cameras

    ARRI have just released SUP 4.1 for their ALEXA Mini and AMIRA cameras. Unlike the previous SUP 4.0, the new SUP 4.1 is a maintenance firmware update, which includes bug fixes and improvements on the frame delay of the SDI outputs and the viewfinder in ARRIRAW, 4K UHD, 3.2K or Super 16 recording modes.

  4. Atomos Release Firmware 7.1 for Flame Series Monitors

    Atomos just released firmware 7.1 or AtomOS 7.1 for their latest Flame Series HDR Monitors/Recorders - namely the Atomos Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame. The latest firmware update adds HDR support for JVC Log and all current RED Digital Cinema cameras including DSMC 2 camera bodies like the Red Raven and Red Scarlet-W.

  5. Canon Releases Major Firmware Update for XC10 4K Camera

    Just a few days ago, Canon released a major firmware update for their XC10 4K hybrid stills and video camera, which improves the speed of AF in video by a factor of 2, and also adds MP4 recording format in HD plus a few more goodies.