Sony F55

  1. Sony PMW-F5/F55 Firmware Update 8.0 Still Available, But Not Online

    You may recall that a few months ago, Sony released the highly anticipated Firmware 8.0 for their Sony PMW-F5 and Sony PMW-F55 cameras. However, it is worth nothing that unlike conventional previous firmware updates this firmware is serial numbers specific meaning that certain F5 and F55 cameras within a serial number range cannot perform the upgrade.

  2. Sony F5/F55 Firmware Update 8.0 Now Available for Download

    Sony has made the much anticipated firmware update 8.0 now available to download. However, it should be noted that F5 and F55 owners with specific serial numbers cannot download this firmware and need to contact Sony Prime Support.

  3. More Details on Sony's New X-OCN Raw Format and AXS-R7 4K Raw Recorder for PMW-F5/F55

    Sony's new AXS-R7 4K Raw Recorder for the PMW-F5/F55 CineAlta cameras is so much more than just a 4K recorder. The AXS-R7 expands the functionality of the cameras by adding a new X-OCN (Extended Original Camera Negative) 16-bit compressed raw format for more streamlined workflows but with all the benefits or Raw recording.

  4. Sony F5/F55 to Get Cache Recording in RAW up to 30 seconds in 24p Soon

    Sony just announced that their CineAlta F5 and F55 professional 4K camcorders will be getting a significant upgrade soon enabling Cache recording in RAW up to 30 seconds in 24 fps with the help of an optional accessory. The details around this optional accessory are not yet known.

  5. Sony F55 to Get 4K RAW at 120fps Upgrade Soon!

    It's coming. Get ready. Sony F55 is about to get a massive upgrade enabling it to shoot 4K RAW at 120 FPS with optional future accessory. The details of all this are slim at this stage, but we have a feeling that we'll all know everything about the upgrade sooner, rather than later.

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