1. ARRI 360 EVO, Sony BURANO Behind the Scenes, SmallHD Ultra 7

    news of the week ep372

    This week we are covering the newly announced ARRI 360 EVO third generation remote head, the latest wildlife documentary shot on the Sony BURANO by 3x Academy Award winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and latest SmallHD Ultra 7 on-camera monitor.

  2. ARRI ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 and CCM-1 SUP 5.5.1 Updates Released

    ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 and CCM-1 SUP 5.5.1 now available to download

    ARRI has just released SUP 7.3 firmware update for the ALEXA Mini LF. ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 is a welcome update, which adds the long-awaited support for the new ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor and also includes other improvements suggested by the community of ARRI users and industry professionals.

  3. New SmallHD Ultra Bright 5-inch 503 and 7-inch 703 Monitors

    SmallHD just announced a couple of brand new super-bright monitors during the BVE 2017 trade show in London. The new SmallHD Ultra Bright 5-inch 503 and 703 Monitors feature stunning new Full HD displays with incredible brightness up to 2500 nits on the bigger 7-inch 703 model; both monitors are set to ship in March.

  4. New SmallHD Reference Grade 17-inch Monitor and 702 OLED

    SmallHD just announced a new SmallHD Reference Grade 17-inch IPS LCD Monitor for productions requiring cinema grade colour and also a new 702 OLED 7-inch monitor.

  5. Sony Announce BVM-X300 4K OLED Master Monitor Version 2 with HDMI input and 2nd 3G-SDI 4K Input

    Sony just announced a version 2 of their highly successful and BVM-X300 4K OLED Master Monitor, which delivers incredible image quality for mission critical picture control. Version 2 of the BVM-X300 will include an HDMI input for easier connection with video cameras and blu-ray players, in addition to a 2nd 3G-SDI 4K Input for easier system integration.

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