ARRI has just released a firmware update for the ALEXA Mini LF and their latest CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor. ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 is a welcome update, which adds the long-awaited support for the new ARRI CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor and also includes other improvements suggested by the community of ARRI users and industry professionals.

The ARRI CCM-1 gives cinematographers and camera assistants full camera control and menu access for the ALEXA Mini LF, combining ARRI color accuracy and a bright display with customisable controls, rugged build quality and well thought-out accessories. It is worth mentioning, that in order to use the CCM-1 with ALEXA Mini LF SUP 7.3 users need to also update their CCM-1 to the latest SUP 5.5.1, which enables compatibility with the ALEXA Mini LF.

Additionally, SUP 7.3 enables the touchscreen functionality to the MVF-2 viewfinder. You can now switch between the live screen and the menu screen by sliding either screen sideways with your finger. Furthermore, SUP 7.3 also brings other user interface improvements to the audio GUI as well as Erase warnings, making it even easier to operate the ALEXA Mini LF.

The erase media warnings on the MVF-2 flip-out monitor have been modified to offer more information about the media erase process. The color of the title background of the warning messages clearly communicates if there are camera clips on the card that is about to be erased (red title background) or not (orange title background). This firmware also brings more stability improvements and bug fixes to the ALEXA Mini LF.


ALEXA Mini SUP 7.3 New Features 

  • Full support for CCM-1 Camera Control Monitor
  • Support for Touch on Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
  • Extended Erase Media menu warnings
  • Improved Audio Gain interface
  • CAP additions and bug fixes
  • WPA-3 Support
  • LAN Gateway Setting
  • ECS Improvements
  • Other fixes

CCM-1 SUP 5.5.1 New Features/Improvements

  • Support for ALEXA Mini LF with SUP 7.3 installed
  • ExFat Support - USB memory sticks with FAT32 and ExFat format are now supported.
  • Other Improvements

What's so special about the ARRI CCM-1?:

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