1. JVC Announces 2 new ProHD Camcorders for Mobile News - GY-HM660 and GY-HM620

    JVC just expanded their ProHD mobile news lineup by announcing the new GY-HM660 and HM620 pro camcorders, which are replacing the current GY-HM650 and GY-HM600 models. The new GY-HM660 and HM620 camcorders feature improved Full HD CMOS sensors, wireless streaming capabilities and a lot of other improvements to aid cameraman in the field of live ENG work.

  2. 120fps Super-Slow Motion Update Comes to the JVC LS300 Super35 4K Camcorder

    JVC have just announced the latest firmware update for their LS300 Super35 4K camcorder - and this time the camera will receive the whopping 120fps for super-slow motion in HD. The free firmware is expected to be released in April. We have a hunch that this may happen around NAB 2016.

  3. JVC ProHD Free Firmware Upgrade Adds Variable Adaptive Bitrate and RTMP Streaming Protocol to Popular ENG Camera GY-HM650

    JVC has announced free firmware upgrades for its live streaming ProHD cameras - the very popular for ENG work handheld GY-HM650, the shoulder mount GY-HM850 and the shoulder/studio GY-HM890.

  4. NAB 2015 Is Just Around The Corner: Our Expectations Of What We May See in Las Vegas

    Every year in the beginning of April thousands upon thousands of video professionals and industry folks descend upon the desert oasis and get lost in the lavishness of Las Vegas for the biggest broadcast video trade show in the world – The National Association of Broadcasters Show, or simply NAB Show.
  5. Join Us for the Look Listen Experience 2015 Roadshow

    It is this time of the year again when we embark on the UK biggest regional event for audio and video professionals – The Look Listen Experience 2015.

    Starting off in Glasgow on March 17th, then passing through Manchester on the 19th, Bristol on the 24th, and finishing in London on March 26th, the LLEx2015 brings the latest in professional broadcast video technology to thousands of video professionals throughout the UK.

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