Canon C300 Mark II

  1. Streaming event: Shooting an Indie Film with SIGMA lenses

    Streaming event: Shooting an Indie Film with SIGMA lenses

    Join us for a remarkable insight into the making of an independent film with cameraman and director Ogy Stoilov. During this interactive streaming event, Ogy will share in detail the practical challenges of producing a low budget movie using the Sigma 18-35mm T2 Cine Zoom.

  2. ARRI Signature Filter Holder, Cooke Optics, Free Solo

    news of the week i37-e118

    This week we are featuring ARRI's Signature Prime lenses with a behind-the-lens Filter Holder, Cooke Optics' announcement about their new products at NAB 2019 and the Oscar winner 'Free Solo' that was shot on a Canon C300 Mark II paired with Canon CN-E primes.

  3. Canon C300 Mark II Upcoming Firmware Update to add Audio in 2K Crop mode and Shutter Angle Priority

    Canon announced the details of an upcoming firmware update for their Canon C300 mark II camera, which will add audio in 2K crop mode and more new functions. The new firmware is expected to land in mid December.

  4. Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 EF Compact Servo Zoom Lens Overview with Simeon Quarrie

    Yesterday we had an amazing Hands-On Open Day and a 1st UK Exclusive for the brand new Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S Compact Servo Zoom lens. We would like to thank all our attendees, who visited our Teddington branch and were some of the lucky 1st in the UK to get hands-on with this fantastic lens. We truly believe this lens will have a huge impact on documentary productions and events where you have to be quick on your feet and have a great zoom lens to match.

  5. Be One of The First to Get Hands-On with the New Canon CN-E 18-80mm Compact Servo Zoom

    We are extremely proud to announce we are running an exclusive (and free) hands-on event in partnership with Canon at our Teddington base on Tuesday, 9th August next week during which attendees will have the rare opportunity to be some of the first in the UK to experience up-close and personal the brand new and soon to be released Canon CN-E 18-80mm T4.4 KAS Compact Servo Zoom lens.

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