Canon EOS C300

  1. Canon C300 Mark II Upcoming Firmware Update to add Audio in 2K Crop mode and Shutter Angle Priority

    Canon announced the details of an upcoming firmware update for their Canon C300 mark II camera, which will add audio in 2K crop mode and more new functions. The new firmware is expected to land in mid December.

  2. New Canon EOS C300 Mark II Video Tutorials

    Canon recently released a collection of very informative and helpful video tutorials on their latest 4K Cinema EOS camera - the C300 Mark II. These new tutorials will help users and video professional interested in learning more about the camera; the tutorials include camera walk-through including buttons placement, changes compared to the original C300, custom picture menus including LUTs and 4K monitoring among many others.

  3. Award-Winning Documentary "Cartel Land" Shot on the Canon EOS C300 / Behind The Scenes

    Recently, Canon Professional, released a behind the scenes video of Director/Cinematographer Matthew Heineman who takes us behind the scenes at the making of Cartel Land, a documentary de-glamorizing the Mexican drug trade. The production used a Canon C300 as main camera, and the EOS-1D C for aerials.

  4. Meet The Only EVF You'll Ever Need - the Mighty Zacuto Gratical HD Micro-OLED EVF!

    The Gratical HD EVF is a complete electronic viewfinder that incorporates the very latest in OLED and processing technology. Unlike with an optical viewfinder or standard electronic viewfinder, with Zacuto and the Gratical HD EVF, you can trust you’re seeing a realistic visualization of your final image without having to look away from the eyepiece.

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