Canon EOS C300 Mark II

  1. Canon Releases C300 Mark II Firmware with Canon LOG 3 Support

    Canon just released firmware version for their Canon EOS C300 Mark II, which was announced back at NAB 2016 and adds some significant new features to the C300 II such as Canon LOG 3, reduces shadow noise when Canon LOG 2 is in use and other features.

  2. Brooklynphono: Mini Documentary Shot on the Canon C300 Mark II

    Brooklyphono is a mini documentary about vinyl pressing shot on the Canon EOS C300 Mark II. Check out the behind the scenes videos where documentary cinematographer Matt Porwoll discusses the camera setup used in shooting the short documentary, as well as resolution, color space and log gamma available on the C300 Mark II and more.

  3. New Canon EOS C300 Mark II Video Tutorials

    Canon recently released a collection of very informative and helpful video tutorials on their latest 4K Cinema EOS camera - the C300 Mark II. These new tutorials will help users and video professional interested in learning more about the camera; the tutorials include camera walk-through including buttons placement, changes compared to the original C300, custom picture menus including LUTs and 4K monitoring among many others.

  4. Canon EOS C300 Mark II Hints & Tips

    Experienced DoP and Canon Ambassador Simeon Quarrie explains how to get the best from the Canon EOS C300 Mark II in this interactive webinar. Simeon covers issues and solutions that surfaced when he used the camera in the field, and highlights techniques you can use when shooting, editing or archiving with this fantastic camera. In this webinar you will learn...
  5. Canon Explains The Science Behind 4K Optics

    With 4K cameras becoming more and more popular, the lenses you put in front of the sensor become even more important as to render sharp and life-like images. Canon has some amazing 4K technology already like the Canon EOS C500 and the newer XC10 4K hybrid camera, and with the upcoming Canon C300 Mark II it's a good idea to look at some facts about 4K optics.

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