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  1. NAB 2015: Convergent Design Unleashes Massive Updates for the Odyssey7Q Plus and 7Q 4K Recorder/Monitors

    Convergent Design are one of those companies that have very few products, but are really good at what they do. Their recorders have become industry standard on pretty much any shoot involving a Sony FS700/FS7 or Canon C500 when 4K recording is required. The Convergent Design Odyssey7Q family of 4K recorder/monitors lead by their flagship 7Q+ model have been 4K production favourite tools for quite some time now.
  2. Odyssey7Q Firmware Roadmap by Convergent Design

    Convergent Design have been manufacturing external recorders for some time and are known for their durability and extensive features giving digital cinematographers and camera professionals the requisite tools to get the maximum image quality of their cameras.
  3. Buy A Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+ Recorder and Get 2 x Free 256GB SSDs

    Fresh off the heels of the release of their latest flagship Monitor/Recorder – the Odyssey7Q+, Convergent Design have some great news for cinematographers looking to bulletproof their footage with high-quality ProRes and Raw recoding in 2K and even 4K.

  4. Convergent Design Announces New Odyssey7Q+ Monitor / Recorder with 4K ProRes Recording Over HDMI and SDI

    Convergent Design have just announced the new flagship model of the Odyssey Family of Products, the Odyssey7Q+. The Odyssey7Q+ expands on the 4K recording capabilities of its predecessor the Odyssey7Q, while maintaining all of the functionality, performance and ease of use. The new Odyssey7Q+ can now record 4K and Ultra HD in Apple ProRes over HDMI. Convergent Design will begin shipping the Odyssey7Q+ in quantity staring December 19th.

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