1. New Sony PXW-X70 Sample Footage Released

    The tiny “4K Ready” camera from Sony - the PXW-X70 has been proving quite popular with documentary and event shooters given its small form factor. Apart from its size, the other most impressive feature in my opinion is the 10bit 422 Long-GOP codec and the fact that you can upgrade the camera to shoot 4K with the upcoming (paid) firmware in June, thus future-proofing your purchase.

  2. PAGLink Linkable V-Mount Batteries: An Intelligent Battery System for ENG Style and Large Sensor Cameras

    Powering your ENG or large sensor camcorder for prolonged times does require a solid and reliable battery system. Anton Bauer and V-mount have been established standards for many decades and there are numerous manufacturers offering different battery solutions to camera professionals. However, just as with anything in video technology nowadays, batteries evolve and improve and not all batteries are made the same, and choosing the right battery solution for your requirements can be difficult.

  3. Australian TV Drama "Winter" Shot on the Sony PMW-F55

    More recently, Australian DP John Stokes, ACS, has been shooting “Winter”, an Australian mystery-drama-thriller television series currently airing on the Seven Network, exclusively on the PMW-55.

  4. ARRI Professional Accessories for the Sony FS7 and Panasonic Varicam 35

    ARRI expands PCA range with new pro accessories developed for the Sony FS7 and the Varicam 35. In addition to these accessories, ARRI have a new Studio Matte Box – SMB-2 taking the already very popular and highly regarded SMB-1 to the next level.

  5. Atomos Shogun Firmware Update 6.21 Released

    The Australian gear maker recently announced their firmware update schedule for the Shogun and today AtomOS 6.21 firmware is available to download. We've been delivering the Atomos Shogun to professional cameramen and entusiasts alike for the past few months in droves, as it has proven quite popular month the GH4A7s crowed and FS700 and FS7 users as of lately.

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