1. ARRI Alexa Mini LF/ALEXA 35 Accessories, Bebob, DPA Microphones

    news of the week ep361

    This week we are covering the new ARRI Dovetail Utility Base DUB-2 for ALEXA Mini LF/ALEXA 35 and TAB-1 accessory for the Trinity 2, the new Coco V-Micro2 battery adapter from Bebob, and the latest DPA 2017 shotgun microphone for broadcast and cinema.

  2. Sony BURANO Firmware Roadmap, Premiere Pro October 2023 Update, Shure SM7dB

    news of the week ep359

    This week we are featuring the new Sony BURANO firmware roadmap, the latest Premiere Pro October 2023 (v24.0) update from Adobe, and the brand new Shure SM7dB dynamic microphone for professional podcasters and streamers.

  3. Sennheiser MKE 440 Compact Stereo Shotgun Mic for your DSLR

    At NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, Sennheiser announced a brand new affordable compact shotgun stereo microphone for DSLR and videographers - the MKE 440. The compact unit features a unique twin shotgun microphones mounted in a “V-Stereo” configuration for a more directional pick-up pattern, while still capturing an immersive stereo experience.

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