1. EP8: Shooting an entire movie with one lens - Ogy Stoilov

    vi podcast ep8

    This is a remarkable insight into the making of a low budget independent film on location in Eastern Europe using only one lens…the Sigma 18-35mm T2 Cine Zoom.

  2. EP7: Hanna, Marcella and Press - Kate Reid BSC

    vi podcast ep7

    Award winning cinematographer Kate Reid BSC talks about her work on Hanna, Marcella, Press and her award-winning short Nazi Boots.

  3. EP6: STALLED - Sashi Kissoon

    vi podcast ep6

    Director of Photography Sashi Kissoon talks about his career highlights including the award winning feature STALLED.

  4. EP5: Shooting OBS Docs - Sarah Stevenson

    vi podcast ep5

    OBS Documentary self-shooter Sarah Stevenson talks about her recent work and what it’s like shooting with Sony’s new handheld camera the Z280.

  5. EP4: Black Mirror - Stephan Pehrsson BSC

    vi podcast ep4

    In this podcast Stephan will focus on the two episodes of Black Mirror he shot as DoP; Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too and USS Callister which won four Emmy Awards.

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