Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are covering the new ARRI Dovetail Utility Base DUB-2 for ALEXA Mini LF/ALEXA 35 and TAB-1 accessory for the Trinity 2, the new Coco V-Micro 2 battery adapter from Bebob, and the latest DPA 2017 shotgun microphone for broadcast and cinema.

ARRI Dovetail Utility Base DUB-2 and TAB-1 for Trinity 2

ARRI has announced a couple of new accessories for cameras and stabilisers. The new ARRI Dovetail Utility Base or DUB-2 is a connecting plate accessory for cameras such as the ALEXA MINI LF or ALEXA 35, which have been rigged for stabilizers such as Artemis Gen.1 or others allowing camera assistants to quickly mount the take the camera off the gimbal and place it onto a flat surface for prep or a tripod for quick shot. The other new piece of kit from ARRI is the Top Attachment Bracket or simply TAB 1 for the Trinity 2 stabiliser system. It allows cinematographers to use longer and heavier lenses as it provides a second attachment point for extra security, while still making it possible to move the camera at any angle without any vibration or issues.

Bebob Coco V-Micro2 Battery Adapter

Innovative battery maker Bebob has announced the Coco V-Micro 2 Battery Adapter. This adapter can take two V-mount micro batteries of any size and lets you hot-swap between them ensuring your camera rig is always powered. The new Coco V-Micro2 is compatible with the upcoming Sony BURANO as well as existing cinema cameras such as the VENICE 2 and Alexa MINI LF, and features numerous outputs for powering accessories including D-Tap, Lemo, and USB. Another cool feature of this adapter is that it can also charge mounted batteries via the S1 Micro fast charger. Bebob is also going to release a Gold mount version of this adapter in November.

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DPA 2017 Microphone

DPA has announced a brand new shotgun microphone for professional broadcast and cinema use. DPA are known for making some of the best sounding microphones around and it looks like their new DPA 2017 Shotgun Microphone is no different. Built for capturing accurate and clear sound, while at the same time offering class-leading durability and a compact form-factor, the 2017 condenser mic is perfect for capturing dialogue even in harsh conditions. DPA aimed to design the new 2017 mic to be as short as possible, without compromising the audio quality. Their engineers strived to perfect the 2017 on-axis responsive, while making the off-axis response as uniform and as linear as possible.

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