Canon EOS C500

  1. Canon EOS C500 Price Drop and New ARRI PCA Accessories for Canon EOS C700

    With the announcement of the new EOS C700 flagship 4K camera in the EOS Cinema line-up, the now ageing Canon C500 gets a welcomed price drop, that makes it even more appealing to broadcast and cinema productions. Also, ARRI have some new Pro Accessories from their renowned PCA range for the EOS C700.

  2. "Connections" Shot on Canon C500 in 4K with Canon's One-of-a-Kind CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Zoom Lens

    Canon recently commissioned a short film called "Connections" which was shot by DP Tim Arasheben on the Canon C500 in 4K via the Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+, rigging from Hollywood based Cinoflex, and shot on only one lens - the mighty Canon 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Cine Servo Zoom Lens.

  3. Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens (CN20x 50 IAS H E1) Demo Video and Features

    The latest addition to the Canon Cine Zoom range – the mighty and unprecedented CN20x 50 IAS H E1/P1 is a superb lens that’s designed for broadcast use with Super35mm cameras – whether HD, UHD or 4K. It has unprecedented quality in a range, size and weight currently unmatched on the market.

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