1. Alexa Mini LF update, Rode NTG5, Core SWX HyperCore NEO Batteries

    news of the week i71-e152

    Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry. This week we are featuring the latest ALEXA MINI LF update, the new NTG5 broadcast shotgun mic from Rode Microphones plus the recently released HyperCore NEO Batteries from CoreSWX.

  2. Sony VENICE Firmware 4.0, ARRI Alexa Mini LF Hands-On Event, Visual Bytes

    news of the week i55-e136- SONY - ARRI - VISUAL BYTES

    This week we are featuring the latest firmware V4.0 for the Sony VENICE, a very special ARRI Alexa Mini LF hands-on event at our London headquarters plus a new series of short instructional videos called Visual Bytes hosted by experienced DoP Jeremy Humphries.

  3. Special Event: ARRI ALEXA Mini LF

    news of the week i50-e131- special-event-arri-alexa-mini-lf

    Come along to our informal event on Thursday 27th June and get your hands on the incredible ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and ARRI Signature Prime lenses. Understand the benefits of these great products by talking directly to the experts from ARRI ...

  4. ALEXA Mini LF camera is here…


    Well it had to happen and with the recent success of the Sony VENICE perhaps ARRI have announced it earlier than expected but the ALEXA Mini LF has been officially launched today. Following a recent trend by other manufactures ARRI have announced this before the NAB exhibition...

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