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  1. ARRI EF (LBUS) Mount, SmallHD Indie 7, Sony FX9 ProRes RAW Support

    news of the week ep204

    This week we are featuring a brand new EF LBUS lens mount for the ALEXA Mini and Mini LF cameras from Arri, a new & more affordable Indie 7 on-camera monitor from Small HD, plus the eagerly anticipated ProRes RAW firmware for the Sony FX9 from Atomos.

  2. Lexar 3600x Professional CFast 2.0 card warning from ARRI

    Lexar 3600x Professional CFast 2.0 card warning from ARRI

    ARRI have felt it necessary to give a warning to users concerning offloading problems when using older Lexar 3600x Professional CFast 2.0 cards with their cameras. This has not been an overnight reaction from ARRI but a result of their own investigations and feedback from users.

  3. ALEXA Mini LF camera is here…


    Well it had to happen and with the recent success of the Sony VENICE perhaps ARRI have announced it earlier than expected but the ALEXA Mini LF has been officially launched today. Following a recent trend by other manufactures ARRI have announced this before the NAB exhibition...

  4. Atomos Shinobi, Wooden Camera Zip Box Pro, Oscars 2019

    news of the week i36-e117

    This week we are featuring Shinobi, the latest high-brightness, 5-inch HDMI monitor from Atomos, Wooden Camera's much awaited Zip Box Pro matte box and with the Oscars coming up we take a look at the cameras and lenses used to shoot the nominated films.


    This morning at the BSC show, ARRI announced the new ALEXA LF Camera, the latest addition to the ALEXA camera range. The ALEXA LF camera is part of ARRI's new complete large-format system that meets and exceeds modern production requirements, delivering unprecedented creative freedom.

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