1. Sony VENICE Firmware, DaVinci resolve, Sigma I range

    news of the week ep210

    This week we are featuring Sony new firmware for it's VENICE Camcorder, the new beta version of DaVinci Resolve from Blackmagic Design as well as the release of Sigmas I range of premium compact lenses.

  2. Sony FX6, Panasonic Lumix S5, Fujinon Premista 19-45mm Cine Zoom

    news of the week ep197

    This week we are featuring the new Sony FX6 camera as part of Sony's new Cinema Line, the Lumix S5 full-frame mirrorless camera from Panasonic, plus the new Fujinon Premista 19-45mm Cine Zoom lens.

  3. VENICE v5.02, new Sigma ultra telephoto zoom lens, RODECaster Pro v2.1

    news of the week i105-e186

    This week we are featuring  the latest firmware update v5.02 for the Sony VENICE digital cinema camera, the new Sigma 100-400mm ultra-telephoto zoom lens that is exclusively made for the L-mount and Sony E mount camera systems, plus the RODECaster Pro firmware v2.1 from Rode Microphones.

  4. FX9 v2.0, VENICE v6.0, new Cooke Macro Prime Lenses

    news of the week i99-e180

    This week we are featuring Sony's new firmware updates - the FX9 v2.0 and the VENICE v6.0 that will expand the cameras' functionality and useability, RAW recording support for the Sony PXW-FX9 from Atomos, plus new additions to the Cooke Optics S7/i full frame lens family.

  5. NAB 2020 Cancelled, The Alister Chapman FX9 ENG Kit, His Dark Materials Season 2

    news of the week i91-e172

    This week we are featuring the cancellation of NAB 2020 the biggest trade show for the broadcast industry, the BBC and HBO Fantasy hit-series “His Dark Materials” Season 2 shot on the Sony VENICE, plus The Alister Chapman FX9 ENG Kit by Vocas.

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