This is a brief summary of the new product announcements from VITEC at IBC 2019. A more detailed blog and product description will be produced soon. If you want to discuss anything in detail or pre-order please call our sales team on 0208 977 1222.


Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus Series Anton/Bauer has launched the new Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus Series which will start shipping early October. The Dionic 26V batteries are the perfect solution to run the power-hungry devices necessary for today’s demanding cinematography standards. Developed for cinematographers, rental houses, and content creators, these 26V Li-ion batteries offer up to 240 watt-hours of reliable, safe, and efficient power for higher-power-draw cinematic cameras and LED lights. Featuring Anton/Bauer’s new Gold Mount® Plus mount, the DIONIC 26V range includes 98-watt-hour and 240-watt-hour batteries, as well as a quad charger, a quad discharger, and a range of mounting plates for connecting to industry-leading cameras and LED lighting fixtures. The DIONIC 26V series has been designed to drive high-power cinematic cameras such as the ARRI Alexa LF, SXT, and 65, and will also support mobile power for popular LED panels, including Litepanels’ Gemini Soft panels and ARRI’s SkyPanel series.

The Dionic 26V Gold Mount Plus Series includes the following 26V solutions:
  • 26V 98Wh Gold Mount Plus Battery – Durable 26V / 12A power that’s IATA Certified for carry-on travel
  • 26V 240Wh Gold Mount Plus Battery – Compact 26V 12A power for extended runtimes (drives an Alexa LF for ~2 hours!)
  • 26V Gold Mount Plus Dual Voltage Quad Charger – Charges 14.4V and 26V Gold Mount and Gold Mount Plus batteries simultaneously (Charges 26V 98Wh in ~1.5 hours!)
  • 26V Gold Mount Plus Quad Discharger – Simultaneously discharges up to four 14.4V Gold Mount or 26V Gold Mount Plus batteries to less than 30% to meet IATA travel regulations
  • 26V Gold Mount Plus Bracket – Powers ARRI Alexa LF, 65 and SXT cameras
  • 26V Gold Mount Plus Shark Fin Bracket – Enables two Dionic 26V batteries to provide extended mobile power runtimes for ARRI Alex LF, 65 and SXT cameras
The DIONIC 26V charger offers rapid charging for both 14.4V and 26V batteries — charging the 98-watt-hour in around 1.5 hours and the 240-watt-hour in around 3.5 hours — a sharp contrast to competing dual-voltage or hybrid batteries that require as much as two to three times this amount of charge time. The DIONIC 26V series also offers a dual-bracket solution that enables up to 480 watt-hours of power (combining two DIONIC 26V 240 batteries), delivering many hours of untethered lighting power for LED panels.


Titon SL batteries Anton/Bauer has also launched the new Titon SL batteries which will start shipping early October. The new additions to the Titon 10A battery line-up power cameras, lights, monitors and a wide range of accessories and are available in V-Mount and Gold Mount 150Wh and 240Wh. The Lithium-ion Titon SL batteries pack exceptional runtimes into a smaller and lighter travel-safe mobile power solution for your customers. Key features:
  • Available in V-Mount and Gold Mount – Compatible with your way of working
  • Built-in LCD screen – Know your runtime down to the minute
  • Travel certified – Titon SL 150 is IATA certified for onboard carry-on and fits in industry travel cases and chargers
  • P-TAP and high-speed USB – 10 Amp power for your camera and accessories


OConnor have added to their product family the Ultimate 1040 Fluid Head & flowtech® 100 Tripod which will start to ship by the end of October. The OConnor Ultimate 1040 flowtech100 system The OConnor Ultimate 1040 flowtech100 system brings together the precision ultra-smooth fluid camera movement that has made OConnor heads the cinematography industry standard together with the award-winning speed, agility and stability of the flowtech tripod system. The unique OConnor edition of the carbon fiber flowtech100 tripod provides camera operators with an incredibly fast, lightweight and easy-to-setup camera support with revolutionary quick release brakes and rubber feet for speed with stability. The tripod is perfectly complemented by the Ultimate 1040 fluid head that delivers a continuous, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag system for ultimate control and stability together with OConnor’s unrivalled Sinusoidal Counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range and counterbalance down to zero for perfect balance no matter the payload. Made with high-performance magnesium, and aluminium alloys with stainless steel and genuine carbon fiber finishing, the Ultimate 1040 head is built to deliver consistent results on the most demanding sets.
OCONNOR Ultimate 1040 Fluid Head The Ultimate 1040 fluid head brings the same quality build and precision movement found the larger OConnor 2575 and 2065 heads to enable cinematographers easily move from heavier to lighter payload camera setups without compromise. For camera operators, making the change to smaller, lighter cameras while retaining quality has never been easier. And most importantly, the famous OConnor feel, remains the same regardless of payload. The versatile OConnor Ultimate 1040 supports payloads from 0 to 45 lbs. (20 kg) at a 5” (15cm) centre of gravity and a +/-90° tilt range.
OCONNOR Flowtech 100 Join the tripod revolution with the OConnor edition of the award winning flowtech100. The unique carbon fiber flowtech100 tripod provides cinematographers with an incredibly fast, lightweight and easy-to-setup camera support with revolutionary quick release brakes and rubber feet for speed with stability. With a 100mm bowl, the OConnor flowtech100 is able to support a payload of up to 30kg (66lb).
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