Throughout the year, we offer a wide range of events to help film makers get their hands on the latest technology, learn a new skill and get ahead of the competition. Our events include new product launches, training workshops, Masterclasses from top DoP’s and interactive webinars.

All of these events have a practical bias, emphasizing hands on learning from experts within the industry. Whether you are a complete novice or seasoned professional, we have events to suit all levels of skill and experience.

Upcoming Events

30 May 2024

Sony BURANO: What is it really like to shoot with? (Live stream)

Want to know more about Sony’s BURANO cinema camera? Join Alister Chapman for this interactive livestream where you can learn about his real world experience shooting with a Sony BURANO in cold and stormy weather in Northern Norway.

Find out more about BURANO’s key features and benefits and how these can help increase the quality of your productions, make shooting in challenging or rapidly changing conditions easier. What lenses can you use, how does the IBIS stabilisation work, which codec should you choose, and what are BURANO’s real-world benefits?

All these questions and more will be answered in this 90-minute session followed by Q&A.

Past Events

Past Event

Tripod Open Day

23 May 2024

Join us on May 23rd in our Visual Impact showroom in Teddington, as we'll be showcasing our versatile range of professional video tripods and fluid heads from major manufacturers including, but not limited to Sachtler, Cartoni, Vinten, O'Connor and others.   Come and see how the new Sachtler ACE Mark II paired together with the revolutionary flowtech tripod technology can elevate your video production. You can also bring your camera rig and see which tripod configuration is the right for your production needs.   And one more thing - we are also running an exclusive promotion offering a £175 voucher towards the purchase of a Sachtler aktiv8 flowtech75 MS tripod system and £100 Off the new Sachtler System Ace XL Carbon Fibre MS Mk II (while stocks last). This offer is only available to event attendees.    Limited places available. Reserve yours below!   This is an in-person hands-on event and our product specialists will be present to answer any questions and help you. We are running two sessions during the day, one in the morning from 10:00 to 12:00, and the other in the afternoon between 2:00 and 4:00pm. Reserve your place today by selecting one of the session slots below.

Past Event

Lens Open Day

25 April 2024

We are hosting an exclusive 'Lens Open Day' event, taking place at our showroom on April 25th, with two slots available from 10 am to 12, and 2 to 4 pm. You're invited to bring your camera and explore our unique lens collection from featuring renowned brands such as Leica, Angenieux, Zeiss, Cooke, ARRI, SIGMA, Kowa Anamorphic and more.

Past Event

Equipment on show includes the Sony BURANO alongside cameras from the Sony Cinema Line, powering solutions from Hawk-Woods, rigging accessories from Bright Tangerine and MID49, more equipment to be confirmed. This is a hands-on event with specialists available to answer any questions. For other questions about this event, please reach out to

Past Event

We’ll be showcasing the new Zeiss Nano Primes alongside the new Sony BURANO here at Visual Impact on Tuesday, 12th March 2024.   Full-Frame sensor coverage Lightweight and compact Native Sony E-mount Outstanding image performance Inherited DNA from the Supreme Primes Come and see how the Zeiss Nano Primes can take your production to the next level! Pair them with the new Sony BURANO and judge the Nano Primes performance for yourself. Limited places available. Reserve yours below! This is a hands-on event with ZEISS specialists available to answer any questions. We are running two sessions during the day. To ensure everyone gets enough time to play with the new Zeiss Nano Primes, we are limiting the available spaces to only 15 per session. Reserve your place today by selecting one of session slots below.

Past Event

This event will enable you to be one of the first in the UK to get up close and personal with Sony’s new BURANO camera that took the industry by storm at IBC. Try out this incredible camera for yourself and understand the benefits by talking directly to experienced Cinematographer Alister Chapman. Seeing is believing The camera has a 8K Full Frame sensor with Autofocus capability, 16 stops of DR and Dual Base ISO and in-body stabilization for E-mount and PL lenses. This camera is well positioned to take the industry by storm. However, it's the pictures that count and you can only judge that by seeing it for yourself. Held in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere you can chat with other attendees to understand if this camera fits your requirements and what they think about the competition. This event will equip you with the practical knowledge and hands-on experience to know whether investing in this camera is worth it, which accessories are best and which to avoid. The day is split into two sessions each starting with a short presentation from experienced Cinematographer Alister Chapman followed by a Q&A session with plenty of time for you to get your hands on the kit. 

Past Event

Not going to IBC and worried you might miss something? No problem, join experienced Cinematographer Alister Chapman, as he gives you an in-depth review of the NEW Sony products including the BURANO 8.6K Full-Frame Cinema Camera in this interactive streaming event. Fresh from supporting Sony at the exhibition in Amsterdam, Alister will cover the highlights from the show and discuss the practical benefits of these exciting new products. Be part of the debate… The event is live, so this is your chance to ask Alister questions about the new product launches and help identify the right products for your business.

Past Event

Which camera should you choose, which works for what situation and what other gear do you need to get. Sony’s Cinema Line can often be a bit confusing. From Sony’s flagship Venice camera down to the low cost FX30 all offer a range of similar features and functions. So, it isn’t always clear which camera might be the best for which production. This webinar is designed for producers and directors or anyone else that needs to understand which camera to use for what application. As well as helping you understand the pros and cons of each camera this session will help you figure out what accessories you might need or which lenses you should consider for different types of work. The webinar will be hosted by Sony Ambassador Alister Chapman who has extensive experience with all of the Cinema Line cameras and has worked on a huge range of projects from blockbuster movies to low budget corporate videos.

Past Event

Sony’s FR7 brings cinema quality, large sensor shooting to the world of PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras. In the past it was difficult to obtain a seamless match between the PTZ cameras used on a project and the main cameras. As the FR7 shares the same look as the rest of Sony’s Cinema Line cameras it perfectly integrates into productions shot with these cameras. Like Sony’s FX6 camera it has the ability to shoot in incredibly low light levels thanks to it’s dual base ISO function giving base ISO’s of both 800 and 12,800 ISO.     So why not come to this event, hosted by FR7 user and Sony Ambassador Alister Chapman to learn more about the new possibilities the FR7 brings.