Multi-Cam Production

  1. Atomos Edit, SWIT NDI EFP Multi-Cam System, Bright Tangerine

    news of the week ep344

    This week we are featuring the newly announced Atomos Edit pubilc beta, the recently unveiled SWIT NDI-based EFP Multi-Cam system, and the new and updated LeftField kits for the RED Komodo-X from Bright Tangerine.

  2. Get Your Multi-Cam Setup Sorted with Sony's New all-in-one Multi Camera Live Producer MCX-500

    The new Sony MCX-500 ‘live producer’ is ideal for single operators on small-scale multi-camera shoots where often affordability is a key factor. Sony's new MCX-500 all-in-one Multi-cam producer includes a wide-range of functionality along with an easy-to-use interface for use in a variety of different types of productions.

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