Welcome to the latest episode of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the newly announced Atomos Edit public beta, the recently unveiled SWIT NDI-based EFP Multi-Cam system, and the new and updated LeftField kits for the RED Komodo-X from Bright Tangerine.

Atomos Edit public beta

Atomos has just released the public beta of their brand new cloud-based video editing solution. Simply called Atomos Edit, the new public beta is now live and it gives users the ability to quickly edit their footage destined for Youtube or Vimeo from web browsers such as Firefox or Chrome. The browser-based editing tool features a slick and familiar interface giving users the ability to use multiple video and audio tracks, insert transitions and branding, and even have multiple editors working remotely across the globe. Although the beta version functionality is quite limited at the moment, the plan for the production version is to allow users to upload footage directly to the cloud from Atomos CONNECT devices.

SWIT NDI EFP Multi-cam Live Production System

SWIT has introduced their professional NDI EFP multi-camera production system featuring 4K support, intercom, tally, return PGM monitoring and much more. The system has very similar functionality to traditional Fibre or SDI EFP multi-cam live production systems, however it takes advantage of the low-latency NDI technology for sending a video signal over an IP network. The system features a simple and intuitive setup and is equipped with either HD or 4K camera adapters and an intercom panel, allowing the director to communicate with each camera operator. The system comes supplied with the necessary accessories to mount the camera adapter to your camera and also offers local HDMI monitoring for each camera as well as an external Tally light.

Bright Tangerine LeftField Kits for RED Komodo-X

Renowned British pro camera accessories maker Bright Tangerine has updated their LeftField System for the new RED KOMODO-X. The latest Komodo-X camera from RED has a slightly larger body and different pin design at the bottom, which has been accommodated in the new LeftField 3 kits from Bright Tangerine. The kits are available in 3 tiers, starting with the Base Kit, which includes left and right side plates and a universal baseplate. The Advanced Kit builds upon the Base Kit, by adding a NATO top handle and a doveplate, while the Expert Kit adds on 15mm rods and a top rod bracket for adding additional accessories.

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