Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring a new major firmware update for the Rodecaster Pro-Firmware Update 2.1 from Rode Microphones, the Apple ProRes Raw codec that is finally coming to Windows plus free online education courses from RED.

Rodecaster Pro 2.1

Popular audio maker RODE Microphones has released a new major firmware update for the Rodecaster Pro. Firmware Update 2.1 brings some much awaited and user requested features and expanded functionality to the Rodecaster Pro portable podcasting studio. Major new features include detailed control over effects and audio processing including adjustments to noise-gate and high-pass filter. Firmware v2.1 also brings improved level metering to the home screen, post-fader multi-track recording, and upgraded companion app and much more.

Appe ProRes RAW for Windows

Apple quietly released some major news for editors and filmmakers earlier this week. The Apple ProRes Raw codec is finally coming to Windows with version 1.0 Beta for popular editing platforms such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Up until now ProRes Raw was only available on MacOS. This update enables ProRes Raw playback on Windows 10 computers and is only available to those using the latest public beta versions of Premiere Pro and After Effects.

RED Solitary Series

RED Digital Cinema has just released their Solitary Series of free online education courses. Scheduled for 6pm GMT later today, the “Resolution” course focuses on the benefits of 8K capture as well as tips and tricks in a high resolution REDCODE RAW workflow. RED has plans to release more free online courses in the near future. Hit the link in the description to register.

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