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Visual Impact brings you a series of podcasts dedicated to the art, craft and technology of TV and film production. Each episode contains interviews with cinematographers, directors and creative professionals about their contribution to the art of filmmaking. We also feature the latest technology and product releases in our Tech-talks episodes.

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Hanna, Marcella and Press - Kate Reid BSC

Award winning cinematographer Kate Reid BSC talks about her work on Hanna, Marcella, Press and her award-winning short Nazi Boots.

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STALLED - Sashi Kissoon

Director of Photography Sashi Kissoon talks about his career highlights including the award winning feature STALLED.

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Shooting OBS Docs - Sarah Stevenson

OBS Documentary self-shooter Sarah Stevenson talks about her recent work and what it’s like shooting with Sony’s new handheld camera the Z280.

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Black Mirror - Stephan Pehrsson BSC

In this interview Stephan will focus on the two episodes of Black Mirror he shot as DoP; Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too and USS Callister which won four Emmy Awards.

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The Handmaid's Tale - Stuart Biddlecombe

Award winning Cinematographer Stuart Biddlecombe discusses his work on the Emmy award winning US drama The Handmaid's Tale season 3.

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First look at Sony’s new camera the PXW-FX9 - Alister Chapman

Cinematographer Alister Chapman flies in from the IBC exhibition in Amsterdam to give us the lowdown on Sony’s new full-frame 6K sensor camera the PXW-FX9.

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The Last Witness - Piotr Szkopiak and Edward Ames GBCT

BAFTA nominated director Piotr Szkopiak and cinematographer Edward Ames GBCT discuss the making of the award winning feature film The Last Witness.

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The Visual Impact podcast - exploring the craft behind the pictures of the latest Film and TV productions.

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