Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry.

This week we are featuring the next generation of the popular MixPre audio recorders from Sound Devices, the new RED Komodo camera plus the latest update to the DaVinci Resolve suite from Blackmagic Design.

MixPre II Series

Sound Devices has just announced the next generation of their popular MixPre recorder mixers. The MixPre II Series are packed with advanced pro audio features such as 32Bit Float, built-in internal timecode generation, ultra-wide dynamic range A-to-D conversion and recording up to 192 kHz. Just like the predecessors, the Mix Pre II series will have three models – the Mix Pre 3, 6, and 10, to satisfy the needs of creatives ranging from one-man band videographers and sound recordists, to those working as sound mixers in the TV, Film and broadcast industry.

RED Komodo camera

RED have been teasing their new RED Komodo camera for the past few weeks with Instagram and REDusers posts, and while a lot of the specifications and features remain under wraps, it was recently revealed that Hollywood filmmaker Steven Soderbergh has been using the latest super-compact RED camera on one of his upcoming projects. From the teasers so far we know that the new camera will have a Canon RF mount, record onto CFast cards and get power from affordable Canon BP batteries from the XF series camcorders. With IBC just around the corner, we expect to learn more about the RED Komodo very soon.

DaVinci Resolve 16.1 Public Beta 2

Blackmagic Design continue to update their popular DaVinci Resolve suite, and now with Resolve 16.1 Public Beta 2 editors and colourists have even more options. The latest update adds support for Fujifilm F-Log, and improves the creation of close up edits using facial recognition to automatically reframe and zoom in on faces and reframe shots. The overall playback performance in the Media, Edit and Cut pages is also improved and there is now support for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera presets in the Fusion Camera3D and Camera Tracker tools.

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