Panasonic just released the latest firmware update for the Varicam LT, which adds significant improvements to the audio user interface and control as well as 24p for Proxy G6 recording and a few more features that will come in very handy on set. 05_VaricamLT_onShoulder Ever since it's announcement back in February this year, the Varicam LT has been getting a lot of attention and since it started shipping it has also been seen a lot more on various production sets all over the world. The LT, or lightweight version of the Varicam 35, is a lot more than just a smaller, and more compact version of its bigger brother. Despite the fact the two cameras share the same sensor, the Varicam LT is more oriented towards single shooters and ultimately a better fit for productions with smaller budgets and crew. The one-piece design form factor and the adjustable baseplate give cinematographers a very well balanced option with EF and PL swappable mounts. However, in the audio department on the LT many users saw room for improvement mainly when it came to adjusting audio parameters. The LT doesn't have direct dedicated buttons for audio control, however the latest firmware seeks to remedy this by offering some solutions and improvements with regards to audio. Varicam LT Firmware Ver. 20.42-00-0.00 Details
  1. Improvement in AUDIO UI Direct Volume Control function added Level Meter Display function added in EVF
  1. Support for ProRes Recording in Interlaced Mode When FREQ = 59.94i / 50i is set, recording is possible using MAIN CODEC = ProRes422 HQ.
  2. Support for AVC-Intra100p Using MAIN CODEC = AVC-Intra100, recording is possible with FREQ = 59.94p / 50p / 29.97p / 25p / 23.98p and MAIN PIXEL = 1920x1080 / 1920x1080 CROP. At the same time, recording on F series P2 memory card is possible in spite of VFR = ON (with any setting value for fps) when MAIN PIXEL = 1920x1080 is set.
  3. Additional Lens Compatible with EF Lens Mount
  4. Additional Function to store CDL / LUT on SD Card
  5. Additional function to beep when operating REC button
  6. SURROUND VIEW function added to VF A menu item is added to display the outside of effective area on the viewfinder screen. (SURROUND VIEW is also displayed on the VIEW screen of control panel.)
  7. Support for Proxy AVC-LongG6 24.00p recording
Download the firmware update from Panasonic here. For those who want to learn a bit more about the Varicam LT, check out our overview video with Alister Chapman below. To order your Panasonic Varicam LT and discuss your production requirement give us a call on 0208 977 1222.