1. ARRI firmware updates, RED + NVIDIA SDK, X-rite ColorChecker Passport 2

    news of the week i47-e128- arri, red and nividia, x-rite

    Welcome to the latest issue of our weekly roundup of news from the TV and film industry. This week we are featuring a series of new firmware updates from ARRI for their ECS, the new ColorChecker Passport 2 colour target from X-rite plus RED's new R3D SDK for NVIDIA ...

  2. Sigma - new firmware April 2019


    Sigma lenses appear to be going from strength to strength. Apart from the hardware Sigma also does a good job with their after sales support highlighted by the latest issue of firmware releases details of which are listed below with a link to the update page on Sigma's website.

  3. Sony VENICE V3.0 available and V4 prelim info

    sony venice v3 and v4 updates

    What a difference a year makes… at the BSC Expo in 2018 Sony were despondent as ARRI launched their 4K Alexa LF camera to counter the Sony VENICE. Along with 16 large-format Arri Signature Prime lenses it appeared to be the camera the industry was waiting for…or was it?

  4. Sony PXW-Z280 and Z190 Firmware Update 2.0

    Z280 and Z190-firmware-update-2.0

    Sony released the much awaited Firmware Update 2.0 for the PXW-Z280 & Z190 handheld camcorders unlocking their full streaming capabilities. New features include support for Dual Link QoS streaming using two USB modems simultaneously as well as HEVC Quality of Service streaming.

  5. Nikon Z7 Z6 ProRes RAW Atomos Ninja V, Insta360 Titan VR, Sony PXW Z-190 & Z-280 updates

    news of the week i30-e111

    This week we are featuring the much awaited Firmware Update 2.0 for the Sony PXW-Z280 and Z190 handheld camcorders, the new TITAN VR Cinema Camera from Insta360 and a huge announcement from Atomos that their Ninja V external recorder will support ProRes RAW output.

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