What a difference a year makes… at the BSC Expo in 2018 Sony were despondent as ARRI launched their 4K Alexa LF camera to counter the Sony VENICE. Along with 16 large-format Arri Signature Prime lenses it appeared to be the camera the industry was waiting for…or was it? On closer inspection and as the finer details were released the camera didn’t seem to match the pre-launch hype. 12 months on and the fortunes of the two rivals appear to have reversed. Sony has got their act together and the VENICE has been used on some high profile movies and TV dramas. The ARRI Alexa LF on the other hand has struggled to make the impact of the original Alexa and Alexa mini. Don’t get me wrong ARRI still leads the way in the Oscar nominated movies this year but what will 2020 bring ? Enough of the background, if you have a VENICE or are thinking of renting or buying one then the news about firmware V3.0 available and V4 prelim info will be music to your ears.
Version 3.0 is offering many new features which will increase the flexibility of VENICE even more. It is also mandatory if customers want to use the upcoming “Rialto” Extension System. NEW Firmware V3.0 features:
  • Additional Sensor modes- 5.6K 16:9 | 6K 2.39:1
  • X-OCN XT Support
  • 47.952 project frame rate with 4K 4:3 and 4K 17:9
  • Additional Parallel Recording options: XAVC 4K/QFHD & Apple ProRes (Proxy only) | RAW/X-OCN & XAVC 4K/QFHD
  • Cache Rec. (AXS, SxS): up to 8sec in 6K 3:2 with X-OCN ST | up to 30sec in Super35 with X-OCN ST
  • AXS Relay recording
  • Additional De-squeeze ratios for anamorphic lenses: x1.25, x1.3, x1.5, x1.8
  • .cld file import
  • 6G/12G-SDI Output
  • 4K SDI output during RAW & HD Video simul recording
  • VENICE VF function control in EL200
  • SxS XDROOT Folder and Volume name changing to CamID+Reel#
  • Configurable False Colour Settings for VF and HD Monitor
  • False Colour (via SDI Monitor)
  • 2:1 Frame Line preset
  • 12-pin lens remote
  • Wireless LAN control (via CBK-WA02)
  • Wired LAN control (Full Menu)
RAW Viewer V3.2 With the release of V3 for VENICE Sony have also updated their out RAW Viewer application to V3.2. This is available via www.sonycreativesoftware.com webpage. High Frame Rates and V4.0 details To whet your appetite, the details about the HFR (high frame rate) possibilities of VENICE and the other gems that are coming in June 2019 with V4.0 are listed below.
V4.0 Details:
  • HFR Support via optional license: 6K (3:2) at 60fps | 4K (2.39:1) at 120fps | 4K (17:9) at 110fps | 4K (4:3) at 75fps (updated information)
  • Support of S700 protocol
  • Support of Cooke/i3 and Zeiss eXtended Data protocols
  • Pure progressive 25p and 29p output via SDI out
  • Selectable functions for Assign Buttons of the DVF-EL200
  • Extended Mask & Line Settings
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